Wednesday, November 5, 2008

some old shit

Here is some old art I said I would post. All scanned, no filters, as is. These things used to take a wile, yup. It's all pencil/blue pen and Micron ink pens on 8 1/2 11 typewriter paper or now called printer paper. The second one, the Frankenstein I remember doing lightning fast in Montreal wile waiting for a friend to show up before we hit the bars. The 66sick just fit on the page and was one of the last ones in this format, it took a few days but there is nothing I don't like about it. The roughest is the tiki "two lane blacktop car. I did that one for producer Bob Rock. Look at how it's all chopped together on 3 pieces of paper. You would never know it if you saw the finished logo. I don't know why I'm posting this stuff, I guess it's cool to look back on it a little. Even though it's primitive as fuck, I still dig it. It's also a reminder to me, to not be so stubborn about tying new techniques. I didn't want to change my format cause it worked so well for me and I felt it was "my thing" boy I'm glad I use a brush now.
Thanks for reading/looking.

Oh, I should mention that my styles and techniques have been totally forged from ignorance along with the inspiration and motivation to not work in at another Arbys, Pizza Hut (Fuck you Pizza hut Bells corners Ottawa!) or KFC ever again, even tho I liked the free food and stupid uniforms. Art school? Hell I never went to high school!