Wednesday, November 19, 2008

fast times the tv show

Yup, they actually did a spin off TV series. And yes, it was bad and only lasted one season. Doesn't have any of the actors from the movie 'cept a few teachers and Mr. Hand. But hey, It wasn't that bad, I mean compared to what was on early evening TV in the 80's. Most people don't remember this and it has never been back in syndicate let alone put to VHS or DVD, at least not as far as I know.
So every once in a wile I do a little google search for it and about a month ago up it pops at
OK, so I haven't seen this show since the mid 80's and who is the first person I recognise, Lee Ving of FEAR, haha, amazing! So yes, it's worth the $12 for a shit TV to VHS to DVD copy and even though it's cheesy it's still kinda fun to watch.
for more info visit Fast Times