Tuesday, November 11, 2008

friend profile: trevor borrens

Friend profile:Trevor Borrens
Trev is a working artist that hails from Ottawa Canada.
He plays drums like Animal from the Muppets and has a lump on his head he refused to get removed. I first met Trevor in grade school when I got sent to the principals office. He was also in shit and waiting to see the principal.
We've been friends ever since.

Q: What is your favorite He-man villain and why?
Trevor: Was there ever a movie or a video game or something where He-Man and Skeletor and all of them beat the shit out of Lion-O and those other wankers from the thunder cats? I think I remember that, or maybe it was just from me playing when I was a kid. Ether way, I love that fucking movie/video game. I think a couple of the parts that made up Voltron were in it too.
I hate to choose the obvious but, my favorite He-Man villain was always Skeletor. His face is a fucking skull! It is pretty hard to compete with that.The only bad thing you could say about the guy is that maybe his loincloth is a little to revealing.
Q: Just why?
T: Infinite monkeys typing on infinite keyboards.
Q: What do you hate?
T: Large groups of people, and running out of pot
Q: What do you like?
T: Pot
Q: What do you drive?
T: I don't

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