Sunday, January 30, 2011

out of the archive "dusky dames"

J.H Lynch is one of my favorite artists, I have many but he is high on the list.
The first time I saw his work I was a little kid and my grandfather acquired a few of his prints.
My grandmother wasn't to happy about it and made him keep them in the basement/rec room.
My mom called them the "Floosie paintings". As a kid they reminded me of the James Bond women.
My grandfather passed away a few years back and my grandmother recently moved out of the family house.
My mom called to tell me they found one of the Floosie paintings wile moving and that my grandmother wanted me to have it.
I now have a few of his original prints witch are getting quite rare.
I have seen a number of new giclee prints on e bay.
My personal favorite "Dusky Dame" is "Nymph".
Check the Clockwork Orange pics, rad!
To learn more about J.H.Lynch google him or check out this cool site i found

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out of the archive "the fantasy art of jeff easley"

Ever so often I pull something out of my blog archive.
I originally posted this on Friday, November 21, 2008 and felt it deserved a re posting.

The fantasy art of Jeff Easley kicks ass. He is yet another artist who's book covers burned themselves into my brain as a kid. Sure D&D gets a horrible wrap amongst, well, everybody but you can not ignore Jeff's incredible artwork on the covers of lots of these books.

Some of his notable works include the cover art of the 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons incarnations of the Monster Manual II, Unearthed Arcana, and Oriental Adventures as well as the 2nd edition core books (the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide and Monstrous Manual). He also provided the artwork for Italian power metal band Rhapsody of Fire's 2006 album Triumph or Agony.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

post # 600 monster revolt book giveaway

Well I figured since this is post number 600 I would do something special.
I'm going to run a little book giveaway contest or what have you.
All ya have to do to win this here copy of Monster Revolt is post a comment.
Later next week Oriana and I will put your name in a hat and draw out a winner.
Check back next week to see if you won. If you did I'll get your info and fire you over your very own copy of my book.
(contest is for the US only, sorry!)

more films I've been watching lately.

The Damned United.
This film is well shot with much attention payed to set set design giving it that period vibe that I find so important. When selecting pics for this post I chose one of the family at home. The wall paper subtly sets the vibe for the scene.
That out of the way here is the basic summary snatched for

Set in 1960’s and 1970’s England, The Damned United tells the confrontational and darkly humorous story of Brian Clough’s doomed 44 day tenure as manager of the reigning champions of English football Leeds United. Previously managed by his bitter rival Don Revie, and on the back of their most successful period ever as a football club, Leeds was perceived by many to represent a new aggressive and cynical style of football - an anathema to the principled yet flamboyant Brian Clough, who had achieved astonishing success as manager of Hartlepool and Derby County building teams in his own vision with trusty lieutenant Peter Taylor. Taking the Leeds job without Taylor by his side, with a changing room full of what in his mind were still Don’s boys, would lead to an unheralded examination of Clough’s belligerence and brilliance over 44 days. This is that story. The story of The Damned United. (Sony Pictures Classics)
Watch it now on net fix Donny says.

Exit through the gift shop
Ya it's getting great reviews and people wont shut up about it.
So, I finally watched it and… it was amazing.
It's well shot, edited and the the whole topic is very interesting.
Watch it and go make some street art fucker.

Dust To Glory
Some dude on the Internet said...
"A documentary on the Baja 1000, an annual off-road race held in Baja, Mexico that attracts hundreds of racers, their souped-up machines, and thousands of fans."

If you like or love cars chances are this is for you.
Go watch it, it's great.More films I've been watching lately.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

dumb dumbs

This is one of my favorite shelves in the house.
My dumb dumb dolls. At least that is what I call them.
Organized clutter.

Friday, January 21, 2011

grocery getter

Drive as much as possible and sometimes make a quick pit stop to load up on the weeks supplies.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

brock the pug

This is my pug Brock Samson...

He's named after this guy here.

But he looks more like this guy here.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tuesday flix

I've been watching a lot of films lately.
I was watching netflix so much that I bought a Roku box to stream it direct to my TV.
So I was flipping through my queue and figure it was was time to post a few or my recent faves.

Hitman Hart (Wrestling with shadows)
This is a GREAT documentary filmed back in 1998.
I'm a huge fan of the film the Wrestler and you can see that influence was defiantly drawn from that film. I can remember watching 70's wrestling with my grandfather (Opa rip) when I was a little kid and my dad used to say "Ahh it's all fake!" and Opa would say "No Bobby, it's real!" He did that for my sake and that was the first bond with my grandfather I can remember.
Hitman Hart is the real life story of the man behind the character. It also goes into some detail of his family and father, Wrestling legend Stu Hart. This film is available on netflix watch it now.
More about Bret and the Heart family.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

special edition monster revolt book

Getting asked about these allot.
I'm selling them here on my blog and at book signings (next set of shows in the spring).
If you would like one contact me and we can discuss shipping and paypal.
They are limited to 100 signed and numbered, wooden hand made and screen printed slip case with a signed hardcover copy of Monster Revolt.

Friday, January 14, 2011

lookin at you

Take a few minutes out of your day and watch all this.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"the snake"

Don "the Snake" Prudhomme Drag Car Tribute Bicycle. Holy crap look at that Goodyear back tire!
This dude over on muscle bike forums built this rad tribute bike.

buttons for monsters like you

You can order the box set or single buttons here.
Badge Bomb

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Now I want you to go into that bag and find my wallet... Which one is it?... It's the one that says bad mother fucker.

I just ordered me one of these from BMF

oriana art

New art from Oriana, to me!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

out of thee archive for a 3'd time (pulled pork)

OK! Back by very popular demand for a 3'd time, it's my award winning pulled pork recipe.
So get out your pad and pen or drag this stuff to your desk top for printing, here again is my recipe for PULLED PORK!

Well, here it is, the secret recipe for my award winning pulled pork!
Hope you enjoy!

Ingredients list for copy or print:
Get a 4 to 6 pound pork but from the butcher.
1 onion
1 lemon
olive oil
salt and pepper
steak rub
lemon pepper
BBQ sauce
Hamburger buns, beer and sides (Don't be a clown and forget your sides!)

1. rub your pork but in steak-rub, 2 cloves of chopped garlic, salt and pepper then place it in the crock pot on 10 or 8 hour cook. Add a fist full of chopped onions then pore 1/2 cup water. The steam will help cook the pork evenly.
Mix with pepper and (Oriana's fave from her home country of Croatia, secret ingredient #1) Vegeta Seasoning.

2. Prep your garlic and onions. Chop 3 cloves garlic small as possible and chop one onion small and squeeze 1 whole lemon. Mix in a bowl.

3. Prepare your BBQ sauce!
This is important. I'm not going to tell you what my sauce recipe is but lets just say mix your fave sauces in a pot and cook with hot peppers for at least 45 min.
Sauce and make or break your deal!

4. Pull that pork ya perv!
after 6 to 8 hours you should be able to pull the pork with 2 forks, if it don't pull easy then leave it cook a wile longer. Pull it good and take away the fat.
Now take yer onion/garlic mix and dump it in there with your custom BBQ sauce. Mix it up and let it cook for the remainder of your 10 hour cook time. (see image above)

5. Yer finally done and ready to serve.
Bust out those hamburger buns and add some nice sides (baked beans and corn bread?) and your golden!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

beatnik bandit

Spent the New Years weekend in Reno with friends.
We popped into the National Automobile Museum with out friends the Stoners.
Got to spend some time with on of my favorite cars ever.
National Automobile Museum in Reno