Tuesday, March 29, 2011

donkey kong jr

New toy. Always wanted an arcade machine. Donkey Kong Jr. was one of my favorites. Nintendo has really atractive cabinets.
Mikes Arcade specialises in aftermarket parts. The most appealing is the custom board that splits your machine into a Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. game...jjst like in the film The King of Kong

Saturday, March 26, 2011

oriana gillies vs. the world

I got Oriana a Keytar today. The Roland AX is the fucking shit and so is she so it's a perfect fit yo!

Friday, March 25, 2011

mopar motherfucker

I "borrowed" this from artist Brian Morris's blog he draws lots of rad skulls and other things. I saw these photos and had to share 'em.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yes, I'm stoked to say my book signing dates will still be happening.
All proceeds from this poster will go to the Japan relief effort. info TBA. The print is 18" by 24" silver metallic ink signed and numbered edition of 100. It's being printed next week. More info about how you can get one soon.
Thank you to my friends at Erostika Noro And Jellybean and my old friend Chris at The Bee's Knees.
I'm looking forward to seeing you all!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i believe

This is my new T shirt and sticker set from POSTER POP. The T shirts are now available in standard or American Apparel guys and girls. I have approved the samples, the colors came out bright and bold.
The stickers will be up on the Poster Pop site sometime next week.
(if you don't see something on the site keep checking as things are still being added by the hour)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

new T shirt sticker set

Now that we are on the topic of vans Gordon told me my van is almost ready, new motor can't wait!
Leaking another design from my upcoming Sticker/T shirt set that should be available at Poster Pop next week.
I'll post the whole set.
Working my ass of on all this new stuff, it's just about ready to launch!

Friday, March 18, 2011

new print

New print 18 by 24 5 color 100 signed. Out next week. More info TBA

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

cosmic wizards

Ah, we have been slaving away at this all week.
Just finished a new collaboration with my friend Alan Forbes.
18 by 24 edition of 100 5 color black light screen print.
You can check out his art at http://secretserpents.wordpress.com/

Monday, March 14, 2011

white wires

My friends have a new video, the beaches are snow not sand.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

last of the v8's

Yup, that is what you think it is. The full story here.

intoxica with howie pyro online radio

My pal and fellow headhunter Howie Pyro has a rad show "Intoxica" Tuesday nights at 9pm luxuriamusic
I've been listening to allot of online radio. I was in LA a few weeks ago and was super stoked that the car had Serious satellite radio. I listen to the underground garage allot and just got me a subscription. But anyway, back to intoxica. I wanted to point out that you can sign up for Luxuria music and listen for free. LuxuriaMusic is an ALL-VOLUNTEER Internet Radio station. They do take donations if you end up digging the station. Like I was trying to say, I listen to internet radio all the time when I'm working.
There is the link, again making it easy for you. I do all the damn work around here.

Howie is a swell guy and has been in piles of bands. I herd a rumor he was in a Hawkwind tribute band, Is that treu?

You can download his podcast or just tune in Tuesday Nights at nine dammit!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

mesrine: killer instinct

directed by Jean-François Richet
starring Vincent Cassel as the French criminal Jacques Mesrine. Based on Mesrine's autobiographical book "L'instinct de mort", Killer Instinct details Mesrine's rise in the Paris criminal underworld after serving in the army in Algeria, as well as his early exploits in Paris, and later in Quebec, Canada.

My buddy Paco told me about this film and that he thought I would love it seeings that I spent five years in Montreal and dig this kind of true crime stuff. About a month later it popped up on my net flix cue (ya I'm pretty down with net flix lol) so that night I kicked back on the couch and hit play. What followed was one of those special rare moments that sucks you into the couch and glues your eyes to the screen. It's so well shot, the acting is amazing (Vincent Casell is bad ass) and you don't even notice the french subtitles.
For me it's like the first time I saw Chopper, The Wrestler and Bronson just to name a few. You really can't compare it to other films, it has a style all it's own.

I've compiled some photos and links for you again. ' I do all the work around here.
Oh, and it's two films or two parts, how ever you want to look at it.
I haven't seen part two Mesrine Public Enemy Number 1.

Mesrine the man himself wikipedia

A clip from Wik.
"By the end of 1972 Mesrine had returned to France where he resumed robbing banks. In March 1973, he was arrested but, taking a judge hostage, he fled during sentencing, using a revolver hidden in the courthouse by an accomplice.

Four months later, he was arrested again in his new Paris apartment. On 18 May 1977, Mesrine received a 20 year sentence and was sent to La Santé maximum security prison, where he wrote L'Instinct de Mort ("The Death Instinct")[1][2], an incomplete but detailed autobiography. Mesrine had the book smuggled out of La Santé Prison and published.

Almost a year later, on 8 May 1978, he escaped with three other convicts, although the police shot one of them. The escape became a scandal in France, as weapons had been smuggled into the prison, apparently by the guards."

Monday, March 7, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

march giveaway

March giveaway, "Dirty Donny's Vantastic" Johnny lighting die-cast van, signed!

This little sucker is quite popular. They are sold out and only pretty much available on e bay and some stores if you can find 'em.
So like the book giveaway last month, all you need to do to enter is live in the US and post a comment here!
Next week Oriana and I will draw names from a hat to reveal the winner.
Good luck!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Happy birthday to ME! Oriana got me a pile of sweet loot and this Bad Mother Fucker Wallet I've been wanting forevs!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

spring 2011 sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak of my new spring line sticker and T-Shirt set, shhhh, don't tell no one I showed you!

Two of 15 designs. Fear not good friend, this new set will include fantasy, cars, skulls and of course monsters. Maybe a unicorn or two.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

thumbs up


This is fucking hilarious.
I bumped into it, ummm, I don't know how, but I did and had to put down what I was doing and just watch.
(Artist) David Choe teams up with his pal Harry and they hitchhike, well, everywhere, and film it.
Turns out they are on season 3, where the fuck was I?

They meet some pretty interesting people along the way like this half naked girl with an Transformers/Prime full helmet mask on giving some dude a hair cut in front of their hotel room in Alaska. They hop trains, tumb rides, squat a vegas pool and crash under a close rack at Wall mart. Genius.
I think you'll dig.

I'll make it easy, watch this clip or check the link. Man I do all the work around here.

Season 3 in China, no shit, fucking nuts.

Thumbs up!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

haunted house

Oriana and I went to LA this weekend on business and pleasure. Got to hang out with some of our friends and finally go to Disney land (Oriana's been bugging me for years to take her). I really dig animatronics. This is something my friends Tanio and Wade got me into, they are the guys I do the pinball machines with. Pirates of the Caribbean was amazing, almost a half hour ride! I feel like I'm the last person to ever see this, haha. People have been talking about it for years and for some reason I turned a blind ear to it passing it off as another roller coaster. And no it wasn't, it was amazing, so amazing that we went twice.
Getting down to this post, the thing I was most excited about was the haunted house. I went when I was a kid. My folks took me to Disney world in Florida and the haunted house was forever burned into my mind. My favorite part of the ride is the octagon room. I did a little research on the haunted mansion and to my surprise there is allot of info out there.
I've compiled a few interesting short clips from youtube as well as a few facts and links.
If you have time do a little digging on your own, it's pretty cool.

Photo I took with my iphone.

I could go on and on and forever blog about this but I have to stop and get my ass back to work.
Wik has TONS of info so I put a link at the bottom of this post.
Here is the Octagonal Room. The walls stretch, it's rad.

(Facts from wikipedia)
Octagonal Room
Disneyland and Disneyland Paris
In the Disneyland version and the Phantom Manor, the room is, in fact, an elevator. The room is lowered slowly as the ceiling remains in place to give the illusion that the room is stretching. This brings the guests down to where the ride begins, below ground level. This elevator effect was necessary to lower the guests below the level of the railroad which circles Disneyland. The actual ride building of this attraction is located outside the berm surrounding the park, and the Disney Imagineers developed this mechanism to lower the guests to the gallery leading to the ride building.
Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland:
Guests enter a chamber in which the floor is stationary while the ceiling itself rises, as do the portraits. As both rides (Florida and Tokyo) were built on stable ground, there was no need to lower guests down and out of the park. For the 2007 refurbishment, Walt Disney World's stretch room was given new wallpaper and stretching sounds. After the stretching sequence, as guests exit, they can hear the gargoyles whisper.
Disneyland Paris
Instead of the regular portraits, guests see four portraits of Melanie. In the first one, Melanie steps through a stream. In the second, she holds a parasol, in the third, she picks flowers, and in the fourth, she is having a picnic with her fiance. As the room stretches:
Melanie steps through a stream, and reaching for her foot is a hand, connected to a water monster.
Melanie clutches a parasol, while in a boat, above a vertical waterfall.
Melanie picks flowers, above a gravestone, while a skeleton emerges from the ground.
Melanie is having a picnic with her fiance, as ants raid their food, and a snake, scorpion, spider and water beetle approach.
The skeleton of the groom, hung in the rafters in the ceiling over the stretching room, replaces the hanged version of the Ghost Host.

Tons of info here.
Haunted Mansion Wikipedia