Wednesday, March 2, 2011

thumbs up


This is fucking hilarious.
I bumped into it, ummm, I don't know how, but I did and had to put down what I was doing and just watch.
(Artist) David Choe teams up with his pal Harry and they hitchhike, well, everywhere, and film it.
Turns out they are on season 3, where the fuck was I?

They meet some pretty interesting people along the way like this half naked girl with an Transformers/Prime full helmet mask on giving some dude a hair cut in front of their hotel room in Alaska. They hop trains, tumb rides, squat a vegas pool and crash under a close rack at Wall mart. Genius.
I think you'll dig.

I'll make it easy, watch this clip or check the link. Man I do all the work around here.

Season 3 in China, no shit, fucking nuts.

Thumbs up!