Wednesday, February 20, 2008

360 3D shots of the Hellacopters Pinball

As many of you know my friend Wade and I made a one off pinball machine last year using the an album cover I did for the Hellacopters as the theme. I don't want to get into any more about the game but here are some great 360 3D shots taken at the opening show at the Lucky JuJu last summer by the Orange County Pinball Lab.

If you want to know more about our game you can check out these links as well:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nitro Ground Shaker

This is one of my favorite pieces of artwork ever.
I'm a little head over heels for pinball, have been since a kid. I own 2 and a half games, one being the Hellacopters Kustom. (more on that later) I would own more but there just ain't enough room here in SF.
The Nitro Ground Shaker art is by Dave "Mad Dog" Christensen. Unfortunately the game play is kind of boring.
All Dave's pinball art kicks ass. He has a book out "Mad Dog and His Art
The Pinball & Coin-Op Art of Dave Christensen". If you google it It should pop up for sale.
If you dig pinball check out this site.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My friend Mr. J pinstriped this van in the 70's.
I did an article on him in Gearhead #15. He sent me a stack of old school photos cause he doesn't have a scanner. It was cool to look threw all these pics. of his work.
You could kind of tell what time line they were from by the picture format. The same rounded edges that were on those old profile pics of me a s a kid.
There were shots of him with Jungle Jim and the famous '73 Vega and all the other Funnies he has worked on. This van stuck out for me.
This is the kind of pinstriping I really dig, it's just so decent.


This is my friend Piero's Ride "LIVE WIRE" he just finished.
Pretty darn bad ass!
You can see all the stats on the sign I made him.
You can read all about the build on his blog and check out his DVD's MAD FABRICATORS located on my links over there on the lower right hand side of this here blog.

Redline feaver

This is my buddy Stevie's '65 Econo. I wanted to post this cause I think it's totally rad.
I'm a big fan of redline tires.
I'm gonna rock a set on my Satellite even though research tells me my 440 will roast'em in a week, I'm still doing it.

Friday, February 15, 2008

This is a great shot of Russ, Amy Cider and my adorable wife Oriana.

Ed Roth’s Orbitron has been found

I know this is old news but I love this car and had to post this.
Here are some clips I got of the net with the respected links.
Finding a battered Orbitron, one of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's most iconic custom cars, in Mexico is like finding JD Salinger slumped over a bottle of Mescal in a Tijuana speakeasy. The 1964 product of the Roth mind and fiberglass shop recently turned up south of the border, where it had been carnival attraction and trash bin in front of an adult book store. Orbitron scared the kneepants off a young Jalopnik when he saw a photo of it in a tattered library book. The picture was from 1963 and the Orbitron, then in progress, looked like nothing more than an mound of barely formed plaster of Paris. By 1964 it had taken shape as the spaceship-dragster that, the late Roth one said, was a failure at the shows. He blamed the Orbitron's lack of appeal on its chromed 1955 Chevy engine, which the kids of the day considered beyond passé. And, a novel headlamp, created from three primary-colored lenses aimed at a single beam, apparently was too geek when geek wasn't cool. The new owner says he hopes to restore it.
This just in… Ed Roth’s Orbitron has been found. Turns out the car spent some time at a Mexican carnival and finally ended up being used as a trash receptacle in front of an adult book store. Sounds like a bad night out in Tijuana to me, no?

Lil Donny

Here's an old picture I found of me and my mom in Lake Placid I think?
My dad took the photo.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Here are some of my heroes, everyone has heroes!

More mini

Well it's no secret that I FUCKING LOVE MINI BIKES!
here are some cool scans my friend Jason send me a wile back.

My favorite album covers

These are my favorite album covers of all time.
I still have my Gatefold Danzig my friend Scott gave me when I was 15, before he passed away.
The best is the band shot inside, they all look tough and Chuck Biscuits is smiling, haha, amazing!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This is pretty much my first blog aside from myspace stuff, figured it's time.
Been busy as fuck since getting back from Japan.
Japan was amazing, saw some friends and made some new ones, had a wonderful time there and am looking forward to returning next December. Here are some friends and shots from Mooneyes/Japan show.
I guess the biggest thing I'm up to right now is my first book I'm working on with Scapegoat press. Turns out I have a lots more art than I thought witch is a good thing I guess.
It's taking some time and hard work but I'm having fun doing it, reminds me of the old fanzine days.
My Buddy Stevie Caballero is writing the forward and pal Mike LaVella is doing the history plus a bunch of other pals writing bits here and there.
I'm pretty stoked, I've always wanted to do a book.
We sold the Desoto today, I was sad to see it go but at the same time it's a good thing, my plate is so full these days with the book, the Satellite being restored and my usual tight schedule of commissions and projects. Oriana got a scooter as a replacement and she's stoked.
Also been snowboarding a bunch lately. I'm really happy to have gotten back into it, it had been 12 years! So I got myself a board and my pal Jeff gave me a bunch of his old gear so hopefully I'll get in a bunch more trips this year.