Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tuesday flix

I've been watching a lot of films lately.
I was watching netflix so much that I bought a Roku box to stream it direct to my TV.
So I was flipping through my queue and figure it was was time to post a few or my recent faves.

Hitman Hart (Wrestling with shadows)
This is a GREAT documentary filmed back in 1998.
I'm a huge fan of the film the Wrestler and you can see that influence was defiantly drawn from that film. I can remember watching 70's wrestling with my grandfather (Opa rip) when I was a little kid and my dad used to say "Ahh it's all fake!" and Opa would say "No Bobby, it's real!" He did that for my sake and that was the first bond with my grandfather I can remember.
Hitman Hart is the real life story of the man behind the character. It also goes into some detail of his family and father, Wrestling legend Stu Hart. This film is available on netflix watch it now.
More about Bret and the Heart family.