Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'm a Wacky packs JuNkY. So when I saw this little book up at green Apple in SF I snatched it up and held it tight.
As it says on the back it's the first ever compilation of series one through series seven from '73 and '74. It's pretty thick and weighs in at 237 pages. It's hard cover and the jacket resembles that cool wax paper the card/stickers used to come in.
It's also got a bonus sticker glued to the back cover witch I'm fucking dying to open!
Back in '03 I did a collaboration poster with the Firehouse and we did a Wacky packs parody.
I dug the end result but I'm not sure people got it.
It makes more sense when you put the poster and the WP wrapper side by side.