Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boss Fink

I did this a while back for a group show of '12 Rat Fink statues that were part of the Ed "Big Daddy" Roth display at the Peterson's auto museum in L.A.
It's also in the book "Rat Fink's Revenge".
You can get the book and '12 poly stone resin statue here http://www.tornadodesign.la/store/ratfinksrevenge_ce.html?sid=00015hVspweaf20jWo533p3
I wanted to do something that would reflect on 60's era Ed Roth and his Revel model kit days. This was built out of plywood, hand cut with my kustom jigsaw, painted in acrylic then wired up with lights.
It has a locking maintenance door and a secret "Rat Hold" in the side with a little Roth diorama.
It's now the proud property of artist pal Von Franco and sits in his Austin Texas home as the center piece to one of the best Kustom Kulture collections I have ever seen.
I did a series of 3D shadow/light box art that I will feature in my book.
I will definitely revisit this medium in the near future.