Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Villain of the week "Ming the Merciless"

Ming's got no hair, but he don't care!
He makes up for it with all his cool Rocket ships, ray guns, servants, a harem of pretty woman and a unicorn stable! (He doesn't really have a unicorn stable but don't tell Oriana that cause she'll be bummed)
He's also pretty darn bling tastic in the pimpin' department.
In fact, he's got one bad ass super ring that's so bling it shoots a shower of silver and golden lightning all over the bloody place!
Well, maybe it doesn't shoot lightning but it sure looks like it does.
When Ming's not trying to kick Flash Gordon's ass he's trying to destroy Earth, he doesn't like White Castle burgers he says "They are to small, how foolish!" We told him to try In and Out and he asked if they were open past 10pm and if there was free parking, said he would give it a shot.