Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Villain of the week "Beastman"

He's harry like an Orange cannery and he's got cool teeth!
Second only to one, he really doesn't mind being number two.
He tells us "Hey, my boss is Skeletor, he has a cool skull mask and I don't have to deal with the stress of planing to take over and conquer things. I just kick it with my home boys here at Snake mountain. Plus check me out man, I ain't that bad in the looks dept. You should see some of the other villains working for Skeletor, what a bunch of ZoRkS!"
Look, I got an action figure, what do you got pal?"
After this interview took place Beastman got himself a small respectable fortune by suing the Therm-a-Rest neck pillow company. Those stupid things you see people wearing on long plane rides.
"I invented that shit, it's my thing man!"