Tuesday, August 16, 2011

star wars toys

So Oriana was taking pics of my Star wars toys and said I should do a blog about them. I've had a few film crews in here and for some reason they always shoot the fucking Star Wars toys. It's not a very impressive collection, I mean, I'm not a real Star Wars collector. I know some people with impressive collections that I couldn't hold a candle to. I just kinda always picked it up from time to time, as a kid, thrift stores and flea markets, it's still pretty cheap. Now, the new reissue stuff, the ships in general are amazing!
Full of detail and sound effects. It's all over youtube, people doing video reviews and making customs, it's off the hook.
My friend, artist Frank Kozik is pretty into Star Wars, he's done some amazing customs. I mean amazing, it's some next level shit!
His collection is pretty darn cool to. He understands the ships, design and art direction. The Vader helmet/mask is his. I have to find more of his work, perhaps a future blog post.
Vintage SW toys

One of many youtube custom Falcons.