Friday, June 12, 2009

off the charts the song poem story movie

I will be curating "Off the Charts" the song poem story movie on Thursday June 25th at the magic Bus movie night in San Francisco for my friends Jon Bastian and Dulcinea Gonzalez. I'm stoked for a few reasons, first this is one of my favorite movies, it's a movie that YOU MUST SEE. Second there will be a Q&A after the film with producer Henry s. Rosenthal who also produced the The Devil and Daniel Johnston and many others. I'm also excited about the goofy trailers Jon and I put together, 2buk? beer, the possibility of free pizza during intermission and spontaneous heckling from the crowd that is always something I look forward to Nate.
So, all that said I hope to see you all out in a few weeks. This would also be the reason why I haven't blogged all week, getting this post together.

"Off the Charts" the song poem story (movie/documentary)

What is a song poem? 
A song poem usually refers to song lyrics that have been set to music for a money. This practice has long been frowned apon in the music industry ...

Wikepedia said:
The business of recording song poems was promoted through small display ads in popular magazines, comic book, tabloids, men's adventure journals and similar publications with a headline reading (essentially) Send in Your Poems!

The first time I herd of a song poem my friend Johnathan played me The Beat of the Traps song poem complication record back in the 90's. It blew my mind listening to all that awful and weird yet amazing music. And to find out how it all came about just made it that much more interesting.
Someone finding an ad that says "send in money and your poems, you might have a hit song!" and getting inspired enough to follow threw with it, wow!
Off the Charts (the song poem story) film takes a look at both ends of this little underground industry, it's history, the people who send in there poems and the guys who make the music.
They even sit in on a few sessions one of witch the singer freaks out on the guitar player. I guess the stress of having to record 35 or so songs in a day got to him.
This is an absolute MUST SEE! it's available on net flix or you can by it online but even better drop by the next MAGIC BUS movie night.

This music has everything in the world going against it. It's completely artificial, it's a scam...
I could probably list 15 different reasons why it shouldn't work.
But, for some reason, something comes threw all this stuff. And
I think that's part of the (song-poem's) charm and attractiveness.
-Ellery Eskelin, Musician and son of song-poem author Rodney Keith Eskelin

Be sure not to miss the opening short film cult classic "Dancing Outlaw"
Another MUST SEE cult classic short film staring the multiple personalities of outlaw dancer Jesco White and his colorful family of mountain folk. one of many infamous highlights is when Jesco goes off on a rant about his wife Norma Jean "You better start fryin' 'em eggs a little better'n what'chu been fryin' 'em. I'm tired of eatin' sloppy, slimy eggs!"

Magic Bus movie night
Curated by Dirty Donny
Q&A from Song Poem producer Henry S. Rosenthal
John Trubee, writer of "Blind Man's Penis" will be in attendance.
Thursday June 25th
The Ninth Street Independent Film Center at 145 9th st.
Doors at 7pm show at 8pm sharp!
Two Buck beer and FREE pizza @ intermission courtesy of Escape from NY pizza!!! (Thanks!)