Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I lost my buddy today.
Cider was my first dog, my right hand man, my pal and my boy.
Cider was a gentle giant, he was kind and selfless, unless it came to chicken, then all bets were off.
Cider came across the country with Oriana when she moved to San Francisco from Rochester NY. He was 3 when I met him and we instantly had a bond.
The first time I met him I was like "Wow what a huge boxer!" and that was cause he was part Mastiff. When we first moved in together Cider instantly started to follow me around, to the bedroom, the bathroom, stick his head in the shower "Hey, what going on in der?" and especially the kitchen.
He lay beside me for six years while I worked. I would take him on errands with me in the car and pet him at every red light. I didn't like to be away from him.
I used to whisper stuff in his ear like "your my best friend" and "I love you buddy" and that was just between us till now. When times were tough or things weren't going well I could always hang with him and it would make me feel better.
I liked Cider more than most humans.
Oriana's bond with him was very special too. He was the apple of our eye and he will be dearly missed. I haven't cried in 15 years.
I love you Cider and I'm going to miss you buddy.