Wednesday, October 29, 2008

out of the archive "box art/monster games"

As my blog goes on posts are getting buried deep. Every once in a wile I'm going to yank something out of the archive and dust it off with a repost. some things I think are to cool and deserve a repost.
Let's face it, not everyone has a year to read threw all this useless pop culture junk.
This time around I chose my monster game collection. Here are just but a select few from my collection. Another addition to Halloween week. Enjoy!

Oh, And do feel free to dig threw the archive, there is lots of tresure burried there!

"Originally on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 2008"
Another obsession of mine is vintage box art, specifically monster art.
I've found some pretty cool monster games over the years at garage sales and flea markets.
Aside from the Roth and Weirdo model kit boxes I would have to say my favorite art is the THINGMAKER series.
You can still find them on e bay but they have become quite pricey.
The Green Ghost Game has one of the best box covers.
It has also recently been re released.
Here are a few pics from my collection.