Tuesday, June 1, 2010

rip scruffy

My old buddy Scruffy passed this week.
Scruff liked to stay at my place when his band was in town back when I lived in Montreal.
It was always an adventure. Scruff liked to party. I'd be having coffee in the morning and he'd be having a tall boy. "It is what it is." he used to say.
He also did really well with the ladies, he always had some new broad on his arm and would introduce her as his "Future ex" "This is my future Ex So and So" then he would laugh. He was fun to be around cause he was always in a good mood.
I feel bad I hadn't been more in touch with him over the years but he did come by my Ottawa art show/party last October with Trev. Even tho the Doctor told him "No more Partying" he managed to sneak a few here and there I think.
RIP buddy.