Friday, April 3, 2009

que up the flix

If you really dig independent film and documentaries (I'm a documentary junky) then you might like these 3 films.
Each deserve there own post but I figured I would put them all together.
First "I Like Killing Flies" ___ Kenny Shopsin's has owned a cool little Restaurant in Greenwich Village for the past 30 years and yells at his customers. But makes some incredible "Comfort food". It's a great doc! Shopsin

"Billy the kid"
Billy's Rad, he loves Kiss, Wrestling and chicks.
The jock douch bag's in his highschool tell him to cut his rat tail and Billy let's them know what's up. "I'm different than most kids, but I don't let it go to my head"

Z Channel
If your a film buff you need to see this.
If your not that into the little details, film history, or if you don't watch the bonus material and commentaries on DVD's then this might not interests you and you should go back to Facebook.