Monday, March 9, 2009

more hawaii

Bacon fried pineapple
So we wake up on the first official day of the trip. We are in Hawaii at our favorite little surf shack cottage on the north Shore so what better for our first meal than a good 'ol bacon fried pineapple sandwich!
First off I must point out the pineapples in Hawaii are like candy, hell that's were they come from! They seriously give your mouth blisters.

What you'll need:
1 pineapple (Or canned sliced if your a sorry ass bastard) Slice into rings/circles what ever, look at the pic!
Pack of Bacon, get the good stuff!
Cream cheese!

1.Fry your bacon med/high.
2.When the bacon is ready remove and let it sit on some paper towels but don't dump the grease.
3.drop your pineapple in the pan and lightly sprinkle pepper. Fry it up till it's browning!
4.Smear cream cheese on your bagels.
5.stack it all together and your ready!