Saturday, December 20, 2008

standard issue

Standard Issue zine.
Lets start with the cover of #4.
"Cheaper than sniffing markers and almost half as awesome!"
And follow up with what you can expect inside their awesomely independent photo copied covers. (on stolen paper none the less.)
How to fight
Fake Punks
Lotery numbers
poo transplants
Single moms
This is the stuff greatness is made of. Oriana and I laughed our faces off. The writing is great and the art is so good/bad it hurts.
my first introduction was this from their facebook page:
All you need to know about Standard iSsue Trainwreck Of-A-Magazine is:
-It's from Ottawa, Canada;
-It's the illegitimate love child of the magazines PUNK, THRASHER and MAD;
-It's free and you can have one, and;
-The internet is lame/for kooks.
Check out
Get your $3 shipping together and e mail Ben at

Large, Glossy and snobby magazines take note, you might open your eyes one day and realise you've been flanked!