Monday, March 24, 2008

Weird-ohs artist BILL CAMPBELL!

Bill Campbell is another one of my favorite artists, if not my most.
Bill is the artist behind the Hawk model companies 1960's Weird-Ohs series.
He also did the box art for many WW2 planes, trains and cars witch proved him to be an all around great artist.
The Weird-ohs series later spawned the Frantics, the Silly Surfers and an off-shoot line of plastic toys, Halloween masks and board games.
The Hawk company has recently re-released the Weird-ohs, Frantics and Silly Surfers kits with the original box art.
Here is some of Bill's more well know as well as rare artwork.
There is a great online interview with him here my Friend Eyebone sent me.
My Buddy Dave Milner just did an article on the kits for Gearhead #16 and it's a great read!
You can find the reissues all over e bay.