Friday, March 28, 2008


Holden's SANMAN ute. Australia's custom van!
Love these, if you dig around on the net you can find a number of old side airbrushed murals. The first time I saw one of these was in MAD MAX when I was a kid. I remember scratching me head going "What the @#$@$! is that?"
Ute is short for utility. I scooped up some sales info from the day down below.

New Holden Sandman the sun 'n fun Holden Van and Ute, with all the goodies you could ever wish for. Right now you can buy Sandman with your kind of gear for your kind of fun. Here comes excitement...look at what the package on Holden Sandman Van and Ute gives you.

Standard Equipment

4-speed manual gear box
Wide hip hugging buckets
Full GTS sports instrumentation
GTS sports wheels
GTS headlamp bezels
GTS sports steering wheel with Sandman emblem
GTS vented front fenders
Sandman decals and wild stripes
Wild, wild, wild colours on the outside
Thats some package! Thats Sandman!

And there's a great choice of engines. There's the '173' six, with Holden performance, reliability and economy. The '202' six, for extra go. The '253' V8 for much more torque and performance, with almost six-cylinder economy. Or the mighty '308' V8 with all the power and performance that you'll ever need.
And Sandman vans and utes are built tough too. Full length solid steel chassis, with big coils up front and heavy duty rear leaf springs for the big loads and the rough roads.
You get Holden's forward mounted steering, for more accurate driving and true tracking when you're really on the move.