Saturday, March 29, 2008

Flake thee axe part 2

Today Rolfe and I shot stage one of the guitar.
It didn't need much prep as it already had a nice finish.
Just a little wet sanding so the new paint had something to grip to.
Last week I picked out some nice gold flake. If you have ever painted flake you know it can be deceiving. It can look perfect in the can but when you shoot it you end up with much larger flake chunks that you bargained for.
I wanted to get the best of both worlds so I asked my pal Steve Tamer over at AB supply if he would recommend using a smaller flake then a light coat of the big stuff, he said "Yup!"
I'm a total novice with a paint gun but I have a good feel for anything PAINT. Rolfe on the other hand is an amazing painter and has guided me threw many projects.
It was his opinion we shoot the hell out of it with the small stuff them mix in some of the big chunks. We were stoked with the end result.
We start stage 2 on Monday, Root beer panels.
Rolfe shot most of it but I managed to get a few blasts in!