Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This is pretty much my first blog aside from myspace stuff, figured it's time.
Been busy as fuck since getting back from Japan.
Japan was amazing, saw some friends and made some new ones, had a wonderful time there and am looking forward to returning next December. Here are some friends and shots from Mooneyes/Japan show.
I guess the biggest thing I'm up to right now is my first book I'm working on with Scapegoat press. Turns out I have a lots more art than I thought witch is a good thing I guess.
It's taking some time and hard work but I'm having fun doing it, reminds me of the old fanzine days.
My Buddy Stevie Caballero is writing the forward and pal Mike LaVella is doing the history plus a bunch of other pals writing bits here and there.
I'm pretty stoked, I've always wanted to do a book.
We sold the Desoto today, I was sad to see it go but at the same time it's a good thing, my plate is so full these days with the book, the Satellite being restored and my usual tight schedule of commissions and projects. Oriana got a scooter as a replacement and she's stoked.
Also been snowboarding a bunch lately. I'm really happy to have gotten back into it, it had been 12 years! So I got myself a board and my pal Jeff gave me a bunch of his old gear so hopefully I'll get in a bunch more trips this year.