Sunday, January 10, 2010

j and e grosery

I have some friends From Rochester NY and it just so happens I grew up in Ottawa Canada where we got Rochester TV. The best being the commercials. House of guitars, Wegmans and J&E groceries.
We used to recite the J&E Grocery commercials "and the weekly specials are…"
When researching J&E the first thing I found was this blog and it made me laugh.
He basically did the most kick ass J&E grocery blog so I figured I would just link it with a quot.

cricketbread blog
"My brother and I would make fun of the commercials all the time, and it was impossible to say J&E Grocery without saying the full address. It was something about the guy’s voice in the commercial that made it impossible to separate it. There are many, many people that I know who grew up with these commercials as well as a handful of bloggers who have had the same observation. This was, in my opinion, a genius piece of marketing. This corner store with a limited advertising budget puts out these crappy ads with crappy pictures and with a guy you could barely understand, and here I am writing about it a million years later. Most businesses only dream about having that kind of marketing meme in place. When you said the name you had to say the address…"
Read more here cricketbread