Sunday, May 10, 2009

sum mags i dig/dug past and present

As I was scanning these in a wave of nostalgia came over me.
Flipping threw the articles and adds. These are a small few of my favorite mags from my collection over the years. Oldish to fairly recent. I'm a bit of a mag buff. I enjoy magazines over books and TV. They are like records to me. The Thrasher article on Robert Williams blew my mind, I got that baby off the shelf for cover price back in the day. All summer long was the "Holy Fuck!" of magazine scores. My wife Oriana got that for me. (Thanks best wife ever babe!) Each of these mags I hold dear to my heart.
I hope to post way more in the future and maybe dissect the rare ones a little but come to think about it that's allot of work and I have allot of work to do so it might not happen. Fuck why did I even scan these in? I don't know, to share something I guess?
That said I have allot of rad shit to post this week so hoping I can git to it?
Later sk8r.